Bragging blows 1 08 billion to our road to relearn music PPT

Bragging blows 1 08 billion to our road to relearn music PPT

Le car announced the completion of the first round of the $1.08 billion in financing, many companies envious. Le car, especially when a lot of people think that only exist on the PPT, when the $1.08 billion amazing, not to mention the financing behind, is the national power grid, is the legend, is the Minsheng Bank. Even Liu Jia Yue Ting, said: “my overall feeling, you really do a lot of things that we dare not think. ”

Bragging blows $1.08 billion to our road to relearn music PPT

Look, depending on the project, have been around for two years. Internet companies can do many things for two years? Lixiang cars and factories have already started, Xiaopeng electric vehicles has been released. TV plus, as if the two years looking for investment investment financing.

Letv into electric start, new energy subsidy how to look like a fool

On January 29, 2014, Beijing formally announced the Beijing demonstration application management of new energy cars, then rumors, letv will join hands Beijing auto group, entered the field of cars. Faced with huge government subsidies, many auto plants gearing up. Spread this message at this time, it does not make people suspicious of its motives.

By April, baic Chairman Xu Heyi was said publicly, baic would OEM car. Look, Le franc, baic and love my intention, just hit it off.

Bragging blows $1.08 billion to our road to relearn music PPT

However, there are always unexpected. In June 2014, Jia Yue Ting announced overseas trips. Then he disappeared in our view.

Then, inside the mobile phone project has just started research and development production and sales are still unknown. Outside, the SARFT announced the shutting down Internet TV, announced that spread to the stock suspension.

Bragging blows $1.08 billion to our road to relearn music PPT

“Jia Yue Ting abscond with the money”, “Jia Yue Ting arrested for extradition”, when this news appears every few days.

In July 2014, an “automobile discussion draft” file in a spread on Twitter. Letv really wants to build a car? But facing this draft not even a PPT, reporters find Jia Yue Ting, can only one guess. Subsequently, the microblogging mihui baic Chief Xu Heyi Jia Yue Ting came on Silicon Valley News, science and technology circle irony automotive surprise.

Bragging blows $1.08 billion to our road to relearn music PPT

On July 31, while Sohu Vice editor-in-Chief, car cause He Yi, General Manager of circle of friends issued a message of “see, I love the Sohu, goodbye, my dear Sohu auto! We went through 12 years of vicissitudes, UPS and downs, at the moment really wants to leave, my heart, mixed feelings there is nothing to say…… “

Bragging blows $1.08 billion to our road to relearn music PPT

He Yi’s whereabouts was confirmed the next day, He Yi to join, as TV plus Internet CEO and Vice President, depending on the holding. Jia Yue Ting in a message on Twitter: industry in the future, waiting for you to change.

Depending on the vehicle’s dream, officially out of the water. But, some people say that TV plus to cheat up, some people say that music video is for money, others clapping applause laugh as stirring backwater in the automotive industry.

From sketches to drafts, PPT began forming for automobile

On August 4, 2014, just He Yi joined as third day, a group of automobile design sketches began to spread on Twitter, this is the manuscript of music depending on the car’s design. But strangely, this sketch as up and down without any explanation and response.

Bragging blows $1.08 billion to our road to relearn music PPT

Face the music video does not respond, rumors once again accounted for media sections. TV plus and baic joint venture directly into the field of vehicle manufacture. TV plus and baic established strategic cooperation, jiangle depending on the contents of import to a new energy Automobile car. New energy vehicles in Beijing auto will charge 499 Yuan per year service charge, otherwise it will implant in the control and in-car systems in a variety of advertising … …

On August 16, the rumor has really been fulfilled. New energy Zhenggang, General Manager of baic said baic and regarded as investment United States electric Atieva design company, two companies acquired the shares of Atieva total 25.02%, became the largest shareholder. But Atieva is an automotive design company, so that is the largest shareholder, fell to the ground about how to enter the automotive sector, is still a mystery.

Bragging blows $1.08 billion to our road to relearn music PPT

And, after the acquisition was announced, Jia Yue Ting disappeared once again, depending on the car began a three-month silence.

Jia Yue Ting flashed last PPT, music video to promote the development of all mankind

On November 26, 2014, Jia Yue Ting Twitter suddenly long silent update, Jia Yue Ting said in his Twitter, do an operation in Hong Kong, has now returned to Beijing hospital.

Bragging blows $1.08 billion to our road to relearn music PPT

Jia Yue Ting home! National media excited.

But even more perplexed, Jia Yue Ting is Twitter the last sentence: “to improve the living environment of mankind, in order to let every Chinese can breathe pure air, in order to promote a new round of industrial revolution, we plan #See # see … … ”

December 9, 2014 at 10 o’clock in the morning, seemed to pick time, Jia Yue Ting announced on weibo, letv will redefine automotive. Method is to copy music as the ecological success of vertical integration model, set the Internet ecosystem, including vehicles.

Bragging blows $1.08 billion to our road to relearn music PPT
Bragging blows $1.08 billion to our road to relearn music PPT

Farenheit car, public reaction was divided into two extremes: Car onion rings this 10 if full coverage car insurance

Support saying, welcome to Le depending on the aggravating, hopes that the music can sweep the sluggish traditional industries, brings a breath of fresh air.

Against say, also said that in the first half to build the phone, TV, how bothered now wants to build a car, a video Web site, really when one is the advanced enterprise …

Some gave Jia Yue Ting a nicknames: master of foreplay. Satirical music video from TV to cell phones and now to cars, always after great foreplay, is less than the actual thing. (Note: it now appears that foreplay masters the nickname, ironically a bit over the top. Depending on the impact of mobile phones on the Chinese mobile phone industry, successful popularization of the concept of thousand Yuan)

In 2014, the last months, considerable criticisms from the media and members of the automotive press and the teachers of science and technology was mixed. So depending on what you don’t, as the car was busy the whole month. Depending on the car what would you design? There is no spy photos exposed? Even if it is a clay model is also good. Just a bunch of people still use traditional cars developed ways to analyze the music view when the car, once again let people enjoy what is building cars on the Internet.

On January 20, 2015, launched his own car–LeUI Auto version of the UI system. A car, could not see the real car, but got the first in-car system. This movement may be fascinated by the automotive sector as a whole. And, during the press conference, announced that former Infiniti Lv Zhengyu, General Manager for Asia Pacific and China join, as a super car (China), Vice President of the company.

This is depending on the hands, stretch the truth for the first time the traditional automotive field.

From PPT to the real car, just take two steps to the egg

Time flies, gone is a year through 2015, depending on the car did just one thing: the meeting. And the Ministry for the meeting, and Beijing automotive industry meeting, met with the media. After you complete the PPT, depending on the car seems to have stalled.

On January 5, 2016, the annual CES show in Las Vegas opened on schedule. On this day, in the morning, letv excitedly opened a red hijab of their cars.

1000 horsepower, best mph in less than 3 seconds and a top speed of 321 km, depending on the claims and United States electric companies Faraday’s future (Faraday Future) jointly developed a concept electric car, will be used to test various products in the future.

Toss a nearly two-year period, letv constructed out of a van that looked impossible on the road cars? But also to jointly develop with others, depending on how much of this did work and who knows? That starts from the car, started the concept of car = big huyou people.

Speculation but let the people again lost, this time to bring your own supercar.

On April 20, 2016, Jia Yue Ting at the Beijing Wukesong Basketball Hall of the Center, the first electric car parked beside him. 100% independent property rights, unmanned, self learning, face recognition, emotion recognition, context awareness, path identification, when a series of high-tech when the noun is used to introduce the automobile, Jia Yue Ting shed tears on the podium.

It is said that Jia Yue Ting was looking at his blows cool finally cashed one, shedding tears of excitement. Also it is said that Jia Yue Ting is the best I’ve seen bragging entrepreneurs, but only blows cool come true entrepreneurs.

While music fans excited ‘ Shanhu tsunami, but people still see the odd points of the car. In just ten metres from the demo, depending on the car driving along a prominent yellow line. In other words, to April 2016, the automatic driving of the car from the real show, there is a lot of work to do.

Production time searching all over the Internet, also did not see which experts can predict at this time.

From rumor to draft from scratch to design, from design to in-vehicle systems, and really has made a completely unaware of mass production car. Letv PPT seems a step by step development of the car. However, shed tears of emotion as of Jia Yue Ting, depending on the project, really not spending any money. Because PPT written one of the most important purposes, in order to get the investor’s money.

Now, the PPT of finally achieving his goal. Accounted for us $1.08 billion, but also to the national power grid, Legend Holdings, Minsheng banking Giants for their endorsement.

I think Jia Yue Ting financing they receive these days, he’ll find a place where no one, secretly shed real tears of emotion. Depending on how much real time, Yuan Fang, what do you think about it?


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